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Taipoil VG – High-quality hydraulic oil


Taipoil VG is a premium hydraulic oil formulated from premium base oil, enhanced with an advanced feature additive system with molecular I-ON technology, helping the oil to have a long service life and increase its service life. hydraulic systems.

Bucket 18L 1.520.000 VNĐ
Can 25L 2.075.000 VNĐ
Drum 200L 16.500.000 VNĐ
Bucket 18L 1.540.000 VNĐ
Can 25L 2.110.000 VNĐ
Drum 200L 16.750.000 VNĐ


  • Thanks to the production of refined materials and advanced additive systems, along with molecular I-ON technology to protect the metal surface, the oil has absolute resistance to corrosion and abrasion in every part of the system. hydraulic system.
  • High thermal and oxidation resistance, able to operate at high temperatures while maintaining lubricity and transmission.
  • Controls sludge formation and sludge formation, making it easy for oil to lubricate throughout the system, extending the service life of oil and equipment.


Mineral oils and additives.

Technical standards:

Oil meets the following requirements:

  • ISO VG 32/46/68/100/150;
  • ISO 6743-4: HL;
  • DIN 51524 HL;

User manual:

  • Used for hydraulic drive systems for impeller pumps, gears, pistons, plastic injection machines, presses, hydraulic presses, and industrial circulation systems.
  • The hydraulic system in construction equipment and vehicles: excavators, bulldozers, crane systems, forklifts …

Methods of preservation:

Stored under the roof, in a dry, cool, temperature below 60oC.


  • Avoid prolonged and frequent contact with the used oil.
  • To protect the environment, dispose of oil properly.


  • Bucket of 18 Liter, can of 25 Liter, Drum of 200 Liter.
  • Or package meets to customer’s requirements.

Technical Data:

Technical specifications Test methods 32 46 68 100 150
Density at 15oC (Kg/l) ASTM D 4052 0.84–0.86 0.84–0.86 0.84–0.86 0.85–0.88 0.85–0.88
Kinematic viscosity at  40oC (mm2/s) ASTM D 445 30-35 44-50 68-73 95-105 140-150
Viscosity Index (VI) ASTM D 2270 Min 100 Min 100 Min 100 Min 95 Min 95
Flash Point COC (oC) ASTM D 92 Min 200 Min 210 Min 220 Min 220 Min 240
Foam, sequence I (ml/ml) ASTM D 892 Max 20/0 Max 20/0 Max 20/0 Max 20/0 Max 20/0
Pour point (oC) ASTM D 97 Max -18 Max -15 Max -15 Max -15 Max -12