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Industrial Lubricants


Taipoil CS

Taipoil CS is a high-quality compressor oil formulated from refined base oil with selective additive systems.

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Taipoil Freezin

Taipoil Freezin is a high quality refrigerant compressor oil formulated from refined paraffin oil, suitable for use in refrigeration systems with ammonia and hydrocarbon refrigerants.

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Taipoil ARPO P140

Taipoil ARPO P140 is produced from a variety of mineral oils based on Paraffin, Naptha, Aromatic, applied to the plasticizing technology, softening and stretching of rubber, giving rubber products good flexibility and elasticity.

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Taipoil Quenching Oil

Taipoil Quenching Oil is a special metallurgical oil for the heat treatment process, produced from refined paraffin base oil and an antioxidant system, heat resistant and filtered.

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Taipoil MC 32

Taipoil MC 32 is an oil formulated from high-quality mineral oil enhanced with anti-rust and anti-oxidants.

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Taipoil MW 32

Taipoil MW 32 is an oil formulated from high-quality mineral oil enhanced with anti-rust and anti-oxidants.

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Taipoil EP CUT

Taipoil EP Cut is a sulfur-free, mineral-based, water-soluble cutting oil that does not contain chlorine.

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Taipoil CUT GPX

Taipoil CUT GPX is a synthetic water-based emulsifying cutting oil with unique emulsifying and antibacterial properties.

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Taipoil CR

Taipoil CR is a circulating oil specially formulated from pure mineral oil and high-quality additives. Oil has outstanding features such as thermal stability, anti-rust properties.

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Taipoil TURBINE T is formulated from high-quality hydrogen-treated base oil and specially selected additives to achieve high oxidation strength, filterability, rust resistance, abrasion resistance, and cleaning properties, and has excellent properties. Very good anti-foaming and demulsifying properties.

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Taipoil Heat Transfer

Taipoil Heat Transfer is a high-quality heat transfer oil formulated from highly stable base oil with a special additive system, so it has high heat transfer properties, excellent anti-oxidation, and pyrolysis stability. The oil is recommended for use in closed and open recirculating heat transfer systems..

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Taipoil ANTI RUST OIL is a solvent-based anti-rust oil with properties that accelerate water and do not produce rust. After the solvent evaporates, it will create a thin layer of oil on the metal surface. This mixture with a specialized additive system has effective corrosion protection in the salt environment as well as in moist or acid tissues.

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Taipoil PP

Taipoil PP is a high-quality fertilizer granulating oil that is formulated from refined base oil and anti-moisture alkyl amine base additive in the fertilizer granulation process.

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